Can you get better at English by playing PlayStation and PC games?

Are you a gamer? I am. Well, I used to be! I don’t have time to play them now. When I was a kid I played a lot of video games. My thumbs got sore because I was always playing Zelda or Mario. You can learn English by playing PlayStation and PC games. Yes, it’s true! Let’s start by learning some gaming vocabulary:

PC Games = Computer Games
Examples: League of Legends, Minecraft

Console Games = PlayStation, Xbox
Examples: FIFA, God of War

Mobile Games = iPhone, Android
Fruit Ninja, Temple Run

Here are some ways to learn English by playing games:

  • Set the game language to English – Look in the game settings and change it to English. This is a great way to learn new English words.
  • Talk to other players in English – When playing multiplayer games, you can chat with other players in English. Use a headset to speak to other players if the game has that feature.
  • Play games on your phone – You can play fun games such as Quiz your English, Academy Island, ESL Games+ or Duolingo.

What’s the name of the star of Tomb Raider? When was the Playstation first released? See if you can answer questions like these in this gaming quiz. Use the Kahoot app to play this game.

I made a list of apps and games you can play on your phone to get better at English.


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