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Mẹ ơi, con nên nghe gì đây? / What should I listen to next, Mom?

The mother of one of my students asked me a question. She told me she wants to help her son improve his English listening skills. She plans to sit with him every week. She asked me where he should go online. My recommendations are in the list below. Mẹ của một bạn học sinh đã hỏi tôi một câu hỏi. Cô ấy nói với tôi rằng cô ấy muốn giúp con trai mình cải thiện […]

How to make your speech longer

One of my students emailed me a question. She asked: “I have to make a speech about traffic. It has to be 4 to 5 minutes. Can you help me make it longer?” Here’s what I told her: You should elaborate more on what you already have. For each topic, try and write a paragraph. One paragraph for traffic jams, one paragraph for solutions, etc. Your paragraph should be 6 to 12 sentences (or more). […]