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I’m an American living in Vietnam. I teach English, organize teacher workshops, run an English club and write about the English language.

Beginning Anew in Vietnam

A cloud of giant dragonflies descends on the football pitch. Like a football team they work together. Their opponents are the slow bugs that will soon be their afternoon snack. Other animals have made their home at the school. The call of the hidden night bird. Bats who feed at dusk. Purple and black butterflies as big as your hand flutter from flower to flower in search of precious nectar. Lightning fast lizards who climb […]

Big Journeys Begin with a Single Step

Dear Boston, Think about your first day of high school or your first day at college. Or the first day at a new job. These are the moments in your life where you begin a new chapter. They’re also challenges that you meet and overcome. I’m about to write the first sentence in a new chapter of my life that will challenge me. This video is that first sentence. It gives you a glimpse into […]

Ed-2: A Robot that Inspires

As a kid I liked science (still do!). My Mom would come home and find me happily making green slime (or blue or clear) with my chemistry set. I’d make all sorts of things with that set. My Mom wasn’t so happy when slime spilled on the carpet though! : – ) A couple of weeks ago I went to the Robot Zoo. It was organized by the Cambridge Science Festival. Over 40 organizations showed […]

5 Minute Documentary About the Bombing in Boston

Terrible events happen in the world. You get the information about what happened from online sources. You watch the news for commentary. If you can, you pitch in and help. Then you move on with your life. I’ve lived in Boston for 6 years and call it my home. It’s not easy to move on when a catastrophic event happens in your hometown. I made a short documentary about what happened. It includes a first-hand account […]

Chief Innovation Officer of Massachusetts Wants Your Help

Tony Parham is unofficially leading the Innovation Army. Officially he’s the Chief Innovation Officer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Innovation Army is how he describes anyone who wants to help Massachusetts innovate. In his first post on the Mass Innovation blog Tony explains, “I have been charged with looking at how the various operations of the Commonwealth state government can be streamlined by leveraging innovations.” Massachusetts is sitting on a mountain of untapped government […]