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8 Books Recommended by Entrepreneurs

My first week of the Startup Institute has come to an end. It was a whirlwind of meeting fellow new students, listening to Boston startup community legends and taking lots of notes! What follows are just some of the highlights. A race against other teams to build a tower with only raw spaghetti, a string and a marshmallow. Going around the room and saying what you honestly suck at. A happy birthday song sung to a very surprised recipient. Soaking up […]

10 Awesome Boston Startup Event Calendars

Update! (7/5/13): Christian Perry of @sfbeta organized “What’s Brewing in Boston?”. It’s a 30 minute panel discussing the Boston startup scene. Check it out here: The startup community in Boston has taken off like a rocket ship. There’s something happening almost every day. You can eat waffles while coding at Vampire Hackathon or board the Boston Startup School EntrepreneurSHIP. How do you find out about all these awesome events? Here are the top 4 calendars that […]

A Letter to a Younger Version of Myself

  I wrote a letter to a younger version of myself. It was written with the thought that the 10 year younger version of me would learn from it.   Sean, Put down that beer, game controller or remote. This is a letter from yourself written 10 years in the future. I want to pass along what I think you should know. In no particular order: You have one chance. ONE! One chance to get […]