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Big Journeys Begin with a Single Step 4

Dear Boston, Think about your first day of high school or your first day at college. Or the first day at a new job. These are the moments in your life where you begin a new chapter. They’re also challenges that you meet and overcome. I’m about to write the […]

Big Journeys Begin with a Single Step

Boston Strong

5 Minute Documentary About the Bombing in Boston

Terrible events happen in the world. You get the information about what happened from online sources. You watch the news for commentary. If you can, you pitch in and help. Then you move on with your life. I’ve lived in Boston for 6 years and call it my home. It’s not […]

Travel Like a Local with Tripzaar 3

I really enjoy living in Boston. I get to meet interesting and fun people who are doing very cool things. I find hidden gem restaurants and fun things to do. I’ve lived here for 6 years. I’ve learned what’s popular and what to avoid. I love to share my local […]



An Offline Way to Navigate the MBTA 2

  In November 2012 1.3 million people rode the MBTA. I’m sure a large percentage of those riders have a smartphone. Some people use an app to get from Wonderland to Haymarket to Copley. What happens when that app doesn’t have Internet access leaving you unable to access the map? […]