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Study Resources for the IELTS Exam

I made this list of resources to help students study at home for the IELTS exam. WEBSITES IELTS Buddy IELTS Simon IELTS Liz The IELTS Speaking Test Magoosh IELTS Blog IELTS Advantage The Test Taker ARTICLES Four Great Speaking Activities To Boost Your IELTS Score Clear Enunciation in IELTS Speaking Bạn Bắt Đầu Tự Học IELTS Như Thế Nào? / How do you start studying IELTS by yourself? 5 Ways To Practice for IELTS Speaking […]

Hello! English Club on TV!

My wife Thuy and I started Hello! English Club in 2016. It has been on TV, featured in Vietnamese newspapers/websites and on YouTube. Hello! English Club meets every Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 11 AM at Cafe Sonata. Here’s a list of where Hello! English Club has been featured. October 25, 2017 – Experience the Journey October 8, 2017 – English Challenge August 18, 2017 – Toplist.vn August 11, 2017 – Song Lam Plus August […]

How your child can get better at speaking English / Phương pháp cải thiện kĩ năng nói Tiếng Anh dành cho con của bạn

I was talking with Giang about her son Mike. He’s one of my students. We were talking about his pronunciation and English speaking skills. I wrote an email to Giang about how she can help Mike at home to get better at English. Mike, Giang and I will work together to improve his pronunciation. When I finished writing this email, I thought that it can help other parents too. As a parent, I hope that […]

Một giải pháp cho trẻ em của bạn không cảm thấy chán: Podcasts / A Cure for your Children’s Boredom: Podcasts

Trẻ em thường chán khi không có gì để làm. Ví dụ, chúng có thể đang trên một chuyến đi xe dài với bạn. Bạn có thể gạt bỏ sự nhàm chán của chúng bằng cách cho chúng nghe podcast. Podcast là chương trình nghe miễn phí bạn có thể nghe trên iPhone. Nó cũng có sẵn trên điện thoại Samsung hoặc bất kỳ điện thoại nào khác sử dụng Android (xem bên dưới để […]

Watch TV shows & movies to get better at English

Learning English with a teacher in a classroom is good. But…how else can you learn English? What about watching a TV show in English? Or a movie in English? I made a list of free websites where you can do this. Watching TV shows and movies with subtitles will help you understand. You can watch the same movie/TV show three times. You will understand (and learn) more if you watch it more than once. Beginner […]