Helpful English Links for Students – Week Ending July 30

Here are the links for the week ending July 30.

  1. Dan Hauer – Thành ngữ Việt Nam bằng tiếng Anh
  2. EF Quick Check to find out your English level
  3. Understanding Basic Questions in English
  4. Unit 1: First Meeting
  5. Crack ‘em up – educational TV show from VTV7
  6. 7 Cute Commercials You Can Find on YouTube to Learn English
  7. English at University – An animated series from the BBC about English words and phrases you need to help you through your first year of study abroad
  8. My Secrets to Learning English Faster
  9. 5 English Conversation Tips | How to improve your communication skills
  10. 44 sounds in English Language!
  11. TOEIC Help from Ms. Hoa – Mẹo làm bài Part 7 TOEIC Reading cực hay (Phần 2)
  12. Dan Hauer – How to fix English pronunciation mistakes – Cách sửa lỗi phát âm

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