MassDiGI Helps Game Creators Win

The game industry in Boston has been quietly increasing in size. Game companies such as GSN Digital, Irrational Games and Turbine call New England home. With the impending release of the 3rd BioShock and PAX East right around the corner it’s a great place to be an aspiring game creator.

MassDiGI is…“a statewide center, designated by the Commonwealth, for academic cooperation, entrepreneurship and economic development across the Massachusetts digital and video games ecosystem.” I attended their 2nd annual Game Challenge. It was a 2-day event where teams competed for prizes, pitched their game idea to industry veterans and brainstormed with mentors. Watch the video above to hear what some of the teams created.

The 2013 Summer Innovation Program is organized by MassDiGI. It’s an “eleven-week program that includes housing, stipends, resources, mentoring and game development tools to help student teams finalize an original video game and prepare it for launch.” You can apply here.

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5 thoughts on “MassDiGI Helps Game Creators Win

  • Art Huston

    Bravo, Massachusetts! It’s the right thing, place and time for MassDigi. The loss of 38 Studios (Curt Schillings’ company) hurts, but that talent will be enriching existing gaming companies and spawning news ones. With gaming platforms expanding to mobile and built in to TVs, the industry is ripe for another revolution, and the Mass government is behind the effort. It’s a great time to be in gaming.

  • Dave Bisceglia

    Great recap, Sean! I’ve been a mentor and judge at the MassDigi Game Challenge for the past two years. I’m always very impressed with the teams and the games they present. I look forward to be involved for years to come.

  • Sam

    Video! Love it. I’m a longtime gamer – although admittedly I prefer physical games (cards, board games, etc.) to most mmogs. But put Sims or Oregon Trail infront of me and you might as well forget being friends with me for a while because I’ll get sucked into a time warp obsession.

    • Sean

      Thanks for commenting, Sam. I’m an old school gamer too. Some of my oldest video game playing memories: Another World, Zork and Defender for the Atari 2600.