This is a picture of my wife Thuy and I. I’m an American English teacher in Vietnam. I teach English to children and adolescents. My website is for anyone who wants to get better at English. Students can learn about a new app. Teachers can find an interesting lesson plan or a fun game. Parents can get some helpful advice. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to be awesome.

Happy Birthday Hello English Club!

Hello! English Club First Birthday Party – March 10, 2017 A message from the founders of Hello! English Club Sean and Thuy started Hello! English Club (HEC) because we wanted a place where students could practice speaking English. We wanted a place that was welcoming, friendly and fun. We wanted to make people feel comfortable when speaking English. We wanted to create an environment where members are happy to help each other. We hope that we […]

Blake’s 18 Tips for English Language Learners

This post was written by my friend Blake. He’s been teaching English in Hanoi for a while now. He’s got a lot of great ideas on how to get better at English. Hello English Learners!! My name is Blake Nichols, and I am a teacher living in Hanoi, Vietnam, and it is my great pleasure to be a guest writer for Sean’s website! I have been teaching for nearly six years in English Centers, Universities, and for the […]

Listen up students! Advice from teachers on improving your listening skills

This post is for students who are learning English. It has techniques you can use when you’re not in the classroom. All of them can help you get better at listening. Everyone in this post who gives advice is an English teacher. I’ve included their home country next to their name. Each teacher offers excellent advice. The advice that’s repeated most often is watching movies and listening to songs in English. One teacher suggests turning […]

A Vietnamese teenager answers questions about studying in Australia

My friend Dave is 17. He’s Vietnamese and from Vinh City. He’s studying in Australia. He will be finishing his last year of high school there. After that he will go to an Australian university. In this post he answers questions from Vietnamese students about what it’s like to live and study in another country. (Q) Will you come back and work in Vietnam after you graduate? Or will you stay and work in Australia? […]

Tracy To’s advice for students who want to study abroad

Update 12/22/16: Hue’s post on Study Abroad Corner has some great advice for anyone who wants to study abroad. What I wish I had known before studying abroad in the US Every week I organize an English speaking club for university students in Vinh City. It’s called Hello! English Club. To learn more about it, follow this link. I met Tracy online through a mutual friend. She was in Canada when she learned about my English club. […]