Linh Phan shares advice about studying in America

Update 12/22/16: Hue’s post on Study Abroad Corner has some great advice for anyone who wants to study abroad. What I wish I had known before studying abroad in the US Every week I organize an English speaking club for university students in Vinh City. It’s called Hello! English Club. To learn more about it, follow this link. This past August I met someone from Vietnam who’s studying in America. Her name is Linh. I asked […]

10 videos to get better at English

You can learn a lot from YouTube. How to tie a tie, how to play the guitar or speak another language. If you’re interested in getting better at English this post is for you. #1: Improve your English Pronunciation! Subscribe to mmmEnglish. #2: Lesson 1 – Speak English Clearly! The Imitation Technique Subscribe to mmmEnglish. #3: How to Pronounce -ed verb endings: American English Pronunciation Subscribe to Rachel’s English. #4: 10 words in English that […]

Exploring Vietnam through the lens of the video camera

Vietnam is an amazing and beautiful country. I’ve lived here for almost two years. I want you to see it like I’ve seen it. There are 20 videos here. If you watch only 3 of them, I recommend: Mark Toia (#2) Reverie (#3) One minute (#6) (1) VIETNAM – Dream trip Movie (9:25) (2) VIETNAM / DIRECTED AND SHOT BY MARK TOIA (2:39) (3) Reverie of Vietnam (3:07) (Photo album by Oliver Astrologo) (4) Vietnam by Arcadia Kazakov (3:23) (5) Welcome to Vietnam (8:45) (6) One minute […]

Parents: Read this if your child is learning English as a second language

Update! (September 24, 2016): I read a fantastic post from Juan Uribe at Children Learning English Affectively today. He’s a teacher, international teacher educator, and ELT consultant based in Toronto, Canada. He wrote a post called “A mini manual for parents of children learning English”. In it he describes several techniques that parents can use to help their children. I encourage you to read it today. Being a parent isn’t easy. There are a lot of hard […]

Hello! English Club – Practice Speaking English in Vinh

March 3 was the first meeting of Hello! English Club. I didn’t expect a lot of people to come. Twenty people came! We’ve been gaining popularity ever since then. The English you speak in a classroom can feel repetitive and fake. The goal of our club is to give our members a casual, relaxed, and real world environment to speak English. That’s why we chose to have it at a coffee shop (thanks Sonata!). It’s important to […]