A Teacher’s Advice for Students Learning English

Join an English club – Hello! English Club meets every Tuesday morning in Vinh City at Sonata Cafe. Here’s a list of other English clubs in Vinh City. Practice makes perfect – Practice often inside and outside of the classroom. Speak English every day. Listen, read and write in English […]

7 Quick Tips for English Language Learners

  Here are 7 quick tips for English language learners. Learn how to use punctuation correctly (comma, quotes, question mark, etc). Don’t start sentences with “I think”, “but” or “and”. Don’t make your sentences too long (avoid the “run-on” sentence). See this article from Grammar Girl for more help with this. […]

Happy Birthday Hello English Club!

Hello! English Club First Birthday Party – March 10, 2017 A message from the founders of Hello! English Club Sean and Thuy started Hello! English Club (HEC) because we wanted a place where students could practice speaking English. We wanted a place that was welcoming, friendly and fun. We wanted to […]