34 Practical Websites for ESL Teachers

Are you an ESL teacher? I am. I’m an American who’s been teaching in Vietnam for about 4 months. I’ve found it difficult to find practical websites. Useful websites that will actually help me in the classroom. I’ve also listed 4 activities you can do with your students. These work inside […]

Are you ready for your students?

Do you feel lucky?

5 Vietnamese Superstitions

Today I taught a lesson that included superstitions. Here are some Vietnamese superstitions from my students: 1. If you eat an egg before an exam, you will have bad luck. 2. If you eat squid on the first day of the month, you will have bad luck. 3. If the […]

Blue Sky Academy Mid-Autumn Festival

I could hear rhythmic sounds of someone beating a drum. Students were running down the hall laughing and giggling. At the door of my classroom I bumped into Dave. He excitedly told me about a dragon dancing down the street in front of his house…breathing fire! I followed him to […]



“I am Mr. Sean and I am your teacher.”

In Vietnam schools hold opening and closing ceremonies that are part celebration and part ceremony. On the 5th of September Blue Sky Academy had theirs. All of the students dressed up to look their best. There was dancing, singing, the beating of the drum, and speeches. I was asked to give a short speech. In front […]

Beginning Anew in Vietnam

A cloud of giant dragonflies descends on the football pitch. Like a football team they work together. Their opponents are the slow bugs that will soon be their afternoon snack. Other animals have made their home at Blue Sky Academy. The call of the hidden night bird. Bats who feed […]