3D printing chess pieces at Blue Sky Academy

It was early on a weekday morning. I was alone in my classroom planning a lesson when one of my students burst in. He excitedly asked me to play chess. I accepted his challenge and followed him. My class of 7 year olds were waiting. All of them were excited […]

3D Printing Chess Pieces at Blue Sky Academy


My First Vietnamese Lunar New Year Holiday

Would you chase a duck blindfolded? This is something you may have to do during Tet. Tet is a country-wide festival that takes place every year in Vietnam. It’s a combination of Christmas, New Years, and Mardi Gras. Families eat and drink together. They give red envelopes containing lucky money. […]

Has One Laptop per Child Failed?

I’ve always admired theĀ One Laptop per Child project. I’ve volunteered for them by writing ([1] [2] [3]) and producing a video. I even interviewed with them. Empowering children with technology is a powerful promise. Has that promise been kept? I asked my friend (and OLPC volunteer) Nancie Severs, has OLPC […]

Headmaster at Bhagalpur Middle School, India.

Ms. Trang translates my speech into Vietnamese.

House of Dolphin Grand Opening Speech

  Moisture builds up on the glass walls of the pool. I draw a smiley face with my finger to entertain the students as they wait for the doors to open. Everyone is excited for the grand opening of the pool. They file in and sit down. They sing the […]

My Christmas Day Adventure in Vietnam

Every Christmas should begin with a full body massage. The person massaging you should meet the following criteria. Cute, friendly and female. The massage should be no less than an hour. Warm body oil should be generously applied. Afterwards, you’ll be relaxed and ready for any adventure. That’s how my […]

Caption test.