10 Amazing Moments in Vietnam

The last 6 months of my life have been amazing. It’s been filled with excitement, fun, and love. All kinds of interesting things have happened. A shoe thief stealing my US size 12 shoes, teaching scaring kids who have never heard about Halloween and organizing a 140+ person hackathon. These photos capture some of my amazing moments in Vietnam.



Thuy — She’s my fiancee, my best friend, and my everything. She’s wonderful. This picture was taken in Ho Chi Minh Square. It’s a popular park in Vinh City complete with a statue of Ho Chi Minh that’s guarded 24×7.



Slap hands — This was at a wedding party at Thuy’s Aunts house. I was teaching kids how to play slap hands. They couldn’t get enough and soon everyone started playing. The boy I’m playing with here is Thuy’s cousin.



A Vietnamese wedding — Yes, those are indoor fireworks. Almost every wedding has them. An MC narrates the entire wedding. The bride and groom don’t kiss and there’s no dancing. There’s lots of beer and food though!



A neighborhood boy — On his way back from running an errand. This wasn’t our first meeting. Every time he saw me he had this huge smile.



Outdoor fish market — Thuy and I went to the beach at 6 AM. There are people selling their catch right on the water! The fisherman is in his boat repairing the net and selling at the same time.



The Ao Dai — It’s the traditional clothing of Vietnamese men and women. This picture was taken at an outdoor festival at a university. I’m going to wear one as part of our wedding ceremony.



Boogie time! — At the university where Thuy studies (Vinh University) they had a party for Vietnamese Women’s Day. A big circle had formed and people were dancing two at a time in the middle. I couldn’t resist the music and my urge to dance!



Kano Kit — Dave and Cathy are my students. I taught them how to make a computer! Learn more about the Kano Computer Kit here.



Drawing in Hanoi — These artists are near Hoàn Kiếm Lake. This is the historical center of Hanoi. One of the stories about the lake is the Turtle and the Sword.



Tạm biệt! (Vietnamese for goodbye)