A collection of resources for students studying the English language

You should read this first (then come back here): A Teacher’s Advice for Learning English

Top 10 Links for Students –

  1. Tandem & Speaky
  2. Duolingo
  3. ELSA Speak
  4. Four ways to get better at languages
  5. 5 techniques to speak any language (with Vietnamese subtitles: Sid Efromovich 5 kỹ năng để học ngoại ngữ)
  6. Rachel’s English
  7. mmmEnglish
  8. Language Guide
  9. Youglish
  10. EngVid

Bonus Link 1: English Clubs in Vinh

Bonus Link 2: HiNative – Get quick answers to questions about English from native speakers.

English Communities –

Meet and talk with people online.

Games –

Articles –

Apps –

Videos –

Online English Tutors –

Video chat with a native English speaker.

More Links for Students –