Use English as a tool to accomplish a goal

Many students learn English as just another one of their subjects at school. But you don’t have to learn English this way. You can think about learning English in a different way. You can use English as a tool to complete a goal. For example, your goal is to study abroad. You use English as a tool to complete the goal of studying abroad. If you think about it this way, learning English becomes more rewarding. You are learning a skill which you will use for the rest of your life.

A bird that has a fear of flying and other funny videos

Answer English questions while watching short films, movie trailers and videos. Find videos that are the right difficulty by choosing your level (it’s in-between “Lesson type” and “Student type”. Watch (and learn) Fear of Flying or Learning Languages.

Practice speaking English with foreigners online

Speaky and Tandem are language exchange apps. They let you speak English with people from all over the world. When using Tandem, the person you’re chatting with can correct your message. You’ll see the mistakes in what you wrote (and the corrections). This feature lets you learn from your mistakes.

Webcomics: read comics online in English

Pepper & Carrot – You can read this webcomic in Vietnamese or English.
Tove – Tove is a big sister who must look after her younger brother, Dag. She probably has superpowers?
The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo – A webcomic about kids exploring the big city and the monsters they find.
The Sky Kayak – Zip and his sister Li’l Bit explore the skies.
JL8 – The adventures of superheroes as kids.
Dr. McNinja – It’s funny. Just read it.
Webcomic List – A list of more than 40 webcomics.

Use songs, movies and TV shows to get better at listening

Do you want to get better at listening? LyricsTraining can help you. You will listen to a song. As you are listening to the song, you see the lyrics (words of the song). Some of the words are missing and you have to complete the lyrics. You can do the same thing with movies and TV shows. Get better at listening with the LyricsTraining website or app.

Get quick answers to questions from real people

HiNative is an app and a website. You can ask any question about the English language. A real person will answer. Ask about grammar, pronunciation (by recording your voice) or anything you want.

Remember words with sticky notes

You can use sticky notes to help you remember new words. Divide the sticky note into three parts. Write the English word, the Vietnamese translation and an example sentence in English. Put the sticky notes on your bedroom wall. This is important because if the words are in your notebook, you won’t see them. Read the sticky notes every day. Once before you go to sleep and again when you wake up. Change the words on them often.

Change your phone, TV or game to English

Have you tried changing the language of your phone, TV or game to English? If you like playing mobile games or computer games, try changing the language of the game to English. If the game is multiplayer, try talking to other players in English. Try it for a week and see how it goes.

Talk to yourself in the shower and other tips from Sid

Sid Efromovich can speak 7 languages. In this video he shares five excellent tips for learning languages. It’s also available with Vietnamese subtitles.

Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game

Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability. This TEDx talk has Vietnamese subtitles.

How to get better at writing

Google Docs automatically suggests grammar corrections as you’re typing. Try Cambridge English Write & Improve, Hemmingway Editor and Grammarly too.

More ways to improve your English skills
Have fun and meet new people at English clubs

You’ve learned English at school, at language centers and at home. Take everything you’ve learned and use it in the real world. Now it’s time to meet new people and speak English with them. At English clubs you can have fun, sing songs, play games and make friends. Learn more about English clubs in Vinh here.

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