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Techniques to improve English speaking skills

One day I asked my students: My question was about how they self-study English. Specifically the speaking skill. Some responded with apps, websites or communities. Others responded with offline techniques. The important thing is that STUDENTS find these valuable and helpful. It’s not what TEACHERS think is best for them. Sometimes TEACHERS and STUDENTS are aligned and sometimes they aren’t. And that’s ok. 🙂 Here’s what students use to improve their English speaking skills. APPS […]

Horacio’s Tips for Teaching English to Very Young Learners

My friend Horacio teaches English in Vietnam just like me. I asked him to share some of his thoughts on teaching. I hope this post can help teachers everywhere! You can find Horacio’s blog here. I’ve recently returned to teaching English to VYL (very young learners) and I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with all we had to face last year when we suddenly migrated online with little time for adaptation or training. So I […]

Why Does my English Pronunciation & Accent STILL SUCK?! / Tại sao ngữ âm và ngữ điệu của em vẫn dở quá?!

My friend Mai is an English teacher. She helps her students with English pronunciation a lot. I asked her to share some English pronunciation advice. Here’s what she wrote. Một người bạn của tôi cũng là một giáo viên tiếng Anh. Cô ấy khá chuyên về đào tạo ngữ âm Tiếng Anh. Sau khi được hỏi về những lời khuyên về cách làm chủ ngữ âm tiếng anh, thì đây là những gì cô ấy […]

Children Are Washable / Trẻ em có thể được gột rửa

I asked my friends on Facebook for educational toy recommendations for my 3 year old son. My friend Sharon saw it. She commented and said that nearly all toys are educational. Sharon and I talked about being a parent and toys for kids. Her knowledge about this topic can help the parents who visit my website. I asked her to share what she knows. Here’s what Sharon wrote. Tôi đã hỏi bạn bè trên Facebook […]