Awesome Youtube channels for learning English

Mary is my student. She’s in grade five and she’s 11. One day she asked, “Can you suggest some YouTube channels so I can improve my listening skills?”.

I was really happy she asked me that question. Many students don’t want to learn English at home. It’s fun to learn at home! There’s a lot you can do to learn English when you’re not in school. I’m not talking about homework. I’m talking about fun and free things you can do. Like watching Youtube videos! They can help you with listening, vocabulary and more.

These are the Youtube channels I told Mary about. She said she likes all of them. She can’t decide which one is her favorite!

Beginner (Ages 5 to 8)

Find more Youtube channels for beginners here.

Intermediate (Ages 9 to 13)

Crash Course Kids has cool videos about robots, gravity and matter.

Advanced (Ages 14 and older)

There are more awesome Youtube channels like Brain Scoop, Smart Girls and National Geographic Kids. Find them here and here.

These aren’t Youtube channels but they’re very helpful for improving your English listening skills.