Big Journeys Begin with a Single Step

Dear Boston,

Think about your first day of high school or your first day at college. Or the first day at a new job. These are the moments in your life where you begin a new chapter. They’re also challenges that you meet and overcome. I’m about to write the first sentence in a new chapter of my life that will challenge me. This video is that first sentence. It gives you a glimpse into a new chapter in my life.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I’ve spent the past six years of my life in Boston. I’ve had some incredible experiences. The Red Sox versus the Yankees at Fenway Park with a come from behind victory and the bear hug from a complete stranger. Watching the setting sun light the Boston skyline on fire from a sailboat in the harbor. Participating in a lecture by the Massachusetts Historical Society to learn what’s not taught in the history books about the Boston Massacre. These are just some of the special moments I’ve had while living here.

Someone once said that within your comfort zone is your boredom zone. There comes a time in your life where a challenge calls you. Your limits must be tested. The time has come for me to answer that call and push my limits. I’m about to take another step along the road less travelled to answer that call.

Onward and upward,

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