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Hello! English Workshops for Vietnamese Teachers of English

*** About the Hello! English Workshops for Vietnamese Teachers of English *** From January to March I led a series of workshops for teachers. These workshops were for Vietnamese teachers of English. They were from public schools, English centers and teachers who teach privately. They were designed to help them get better at speaking English, to become better teachers and to share knowledge with each other. Teachers were able to improve their English pronunciation and […]

Happy Birthday Hello English Club!

Hello! English Club First Birthday Party – March 10, 2017 A message from the founders of Hello! English Club Sean and Thuy started Hello! English Club (HEC) because we wanted a place where students could practice speaking English. We wanted a place that was welcoming, friendly and fun. We wanted to make people feel comfortable when speaking English. We wanted to create an environment where members are happy to help each other. We hope that we […]

Playing with Google Cardboard.

Thoughts Become Things: The First AngelHack Hackathon in Vietnam

Every so often life gives you an opportunity to be part of something amazing. I got this chance when I was one of the organizers of a hackathon. AngelHack has organized more than 300 hackathons all over the world but they have never been to Vietnam. I felt a mixture of excitement and fear as I became the first AngelHack Ambassador to Vietnam. There was one problem… I wasn’t in Vietnam. I was helping my family […]

Full Audio from the Harvard Law Social Media and Behavioral Economics Conference

I was able to attend the Social Media and Behavioral Economics Conference the other day. People from Harvard, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft spoke. Each of the three panels were super interesting. There was a live webcast and according to this page, “video of the event will be available in the coming days”. If you don’t want to wait I recorded the full audio of the conference:   Panel 1 – Theory and Practice (1 hour, 4 minutes) Panel 2 […]