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“Do whatever it takes”: Startup Institute Alumni Advice

When you start something new it’s helpful to hear from those who’ve done it. I created a video where alumni from the Summer 2012 class give one piece of advice to new students. Watch it here:     Or you can read their advice: Kerrie: “Be creative. So, no matter who you are, what your track is, wherever you’re going after this, you’re all selling your skills and what you have to offer and who […]

Mobee Puts a Flag on Old City Hall (Almost)

A fancy steak restaurant, law offices, the National Trust for Scotland Foundation and…Mobee. All are tenants of Boston’s Old City Hall. Mobee isn’t the typical company you’d find in Mayor Curley’s old stomping grounds. They’re a startup on a mission to give businesses that critical last mile data. Last night they threw their official office warming party. It was complete with Mobee themed cocktails, a mascot in a bee costume and a DJ pumping out house music. […]

A Visit to the New Fresh Tilled Soil Office

Note: I made this 24 second video with Directr. Their app is free, easy to use and the videos come out looking great.   I stopped by the new Fresh Tilled Soil office today. It’s an absolutely beautiful space in the recently remodeled Riverworks building. See below for my 24 second video. If you haven’t heard about Fresh Tilled Soil they are a UI design firm for web and mobile applications. Their CEO, Richard Banfield, spends some of his time giving back to […]

3 Tips on How to Hire a Developer

  A medium sized IT consulting company is looking to hire a database developer. How do they actually go about doing that? Getting a large pool of candidates and selecting someone can be stressful. Here are three tips that can reduce the amount of time it takes to hire a developer: 1. Present a Programming Challenge Kids ask A LOT of questions: “Why is the sky blue?” or “How deep is the ocean?”. As they […]

Dharmesh Shah Lands his Rocket Ship at Founder Dialogues IX

Dharmesh Shah. HubSpot Co-Founder. Rocket Ship Captain. Everyone knows that HubSpot is a freakin’ “startup” rocket ship. I put “startup” in quotes because they’re hiring like mad, their customers love them and they’re setting an example in Boston of how to build a company. Dharmesh landed at Microsoft NERD. He gave over an hour of his time to Eric Paley of Founder Collective for Founder Dialogues IX. Here’s the complete audio; clocking in at 1 hour, 26 minutes.