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Horacio’s Tips for Teaching English to Very Young Learners

My friend Horacio teaches English in Vietnam just like me. I asked him to share some of his thoughts on teaching. I hope this post can help teachers everywhere! You can find Horacio’s blog here. I’ve recently returned to teaching English to VYL (very young learners) and I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with all we had to face last year when we suddenly migrated online with little time for adaptation or training. So I […]

Energize Your Students with Baamboozle / Nạp năng lượng cho học sinh của bạn với Baamboozle

Students hate tests. But they don’t have to. You can make tests and quizzes fun for your students. I am going to talk about how teachers can use Baamboozle to make them fun. Học sinh ghét các bài kiểm tra. Nhưng chúng không nhất thiết phải như thế. Bạn có thể biến các bài kiểm tra và câu hỏi trở nên thú vị cho học sinh của bạn. Tôi sẽ nói làm cách nào giáo […]

Offline Fantasy Card Game Makes Students Stronger at English / Trò chơi bài tưởng tượng ngoại tuyến giúp học sinh vững Tiếng Anh hơn

As a teacher you spend a lot of time with kids. You know they like to play games. Online games which need a screen like Fortnite, PUBG and League of Legends are very popular in Vietnam. But what about games that don’t need a screen? What about board games and card games? Kids in Vietnam like playing them too. Chess, Uno, Werewolf and Exploding Kittens are popular offline games here. Can kids play a fun […]

English Conferences in Vietnam in 2020

Teachers can find lesson plans, games and more here. Students can discover the world and get better at English here. If you are teacher, please share this link with your students: seanlaurence.com/students Vietnam National Foreign Language Teaching Conference Theme: Research and teaching foreign languages, linguistics and international studies in VietnamDate: April 24-25Venue: University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) – Vietnam National University, Hanoi 5th GEN TEFL International Conference Theme: English language teaching as an […]

Play fun learning games with Kahoot

Attention students! – Kahoot lets you play fun learning games. You can play trivia games, English language games and more. Kahoot is free and fun. You can play on a computer or a phone alone or with a friend. Why not try Kahoot today? You can learn more about it here. Attention teachers! – You can use Kahoot to play games with your students. There are English games, trivia games and you can make new […]