ELSA: An English Teacher in Your Pocket

Screenshot from the homepage of the ELSA website.

ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant. It’s a new app available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you’re learning English as a second language, this is the app for you.

It will listen to how you say a word. If you make a pronunciation mistake, ELSA will hear it. Suggestions for improvement will be offered based on how you said the word. In addition to helping you with pronunciation, it can also help you with rhythm, pitch, and intonation. It’s like having an English teacher in your pocket.

ELSA Pronunciation Dictionary: You can look up any word with ELSA. Then you can practice the pronunciation of that word. Learn how to do this in the “The Complete Guide to Using ELSA”.

This video shows a woman trying to order an orange juice at a cafe. The waitress can’t understand her so the woman just settles for a water. After practicing with ELSA her pronunciation improves.

ELSA was created by an international team with engineering talent and inspiration from Vietnam. ELSA recently competed (and won!) at SXSWedu Launch. Launch is a “fast-paced, live startup competition for education entrepreneurs designed to highlight emerging innovations impacting the world of teaching and learning.” Watch their pitch video from SXSW in Austin (March, 2016).

ELSA is free and available now for Android or iOS.

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