Fablab Saigon: Building the maker community in Vietnam

I spoke with Quynh Huong Duong the other day. She’s the co-founder of Fablab Saigon; a makerspace in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a place where people collaborate to make things, share knowledge, and work on projects. Next month they’ll be opening a coworking space, a coffee shop, and an urban garden (all under one roof!). Contact them if you’d like an invitation to their launch event.

What’s a Fablab?

From the Fablab FoundationA fablab is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship. A fablab is also a platform for learning and innovation: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent.

I first found out about fablabs when I watched How To Make Almost Anything by Neil Gershenfeld. He’s a godfather of the fablab movement. Another godfather is Chris Anderson. Watch him talk about his book “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution” at Google. Both of these videos are incredible because they clearly explain the DIY movement and the power within it.

The Mission of Fablab Saigon

Fablab Saigon wants to build a community where creative people can come together. They would especially like to see Vietnamese working together with non-Vietnamese people. Their mission:

We would like to be THE place for the maker (and hardware) community in Vietnam. We would like to foster INNOVATION and be a startup catalyst. We would like to gather Vietnamese and foreigners to work on projects together and to share knowledge.

We would like to help startups build GREAT PRODUCTS made in Vietnam by creating a collaborative/trusted environment for them and by connecting them to the right people. We only have 16 seats in our coworking space. We would like to mix foreigners and Vietnamese. The price will be affordable for Vietnamese people. We won’t refuse awesome people just because of money.

If you…

  • Are a start-upper or a maker
  • Need a community and place to work
  • Have the same values and dare to dream big like us
  • Want to be a Fablab Saigon resident member

…please send us message.

Projects at Fablab Saigon

They’ve been open for a year. A steady stream of makers come every week to work together. Here are some examples:

  • Making a banana piano and other fun things at Arduino Day
  • A robot that can draw
  • A flying drone that can take a selfie
  • A DIY lamp that changes color when you clap

Fablab Saigon Needs Your Help

Here’s how you can help them:

  • Sponsoring Fablab Saigon by purchasing equipment they need — a laser cutter and a powerful computer that can handle 3D modeling software
  • Visiting Fablab Saigon if you’re a maker, a hardware person, or just curious
  • Starting and leading a project at Fablab Saigon
  • Sharing the links to the workshops/events at Fablab Saigon (via email, Facebook, etc)

Fablab Saigon on TV!

Fablab Saigon was featured on VTV4 (a Vietnamese TV channel).

About Fablab Saigon

Address: 44/10 Nguyen Van Dau, P.6, Q. Binh Thanh, TPHCM

Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (12 – 8 PM)

Website: fablabsaigon.org

Facebook: facebook.com/FablabSaigon

Contact: fablabsaigon@gmail.com

Fablab Saigon founders:

Thang Cong Huynh
Thang Cong Huynh
Hoang-Anh Phan
Hoang-Anh Phan
Quynh Huong Duong
Quynh Huong Duong

Fablabs Around the World

Sean Laurence: AngelHack Vietnam Ambassador

I’m one of the organizers of AngelHack Vietnam 2015. Click here if you’re interested in participating in a 48 hour hackathon in Saigon. The hacking begins July 4th, 2015!

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