11 great places to visit in Hanoi –

  1. Pizza 4P’s – Really, really good food. I couldn’t resist their chocolate lava cake.
  2. Bun Cha Obama – This is the place where Obama ate when he went to Vietnam. Don’t leave without ordering the seafood spring rolls.
  3. Minh Ky Dim Sum & Noodles – A local favorite.
  4. Chops – Do you need to get your red meat fix? This is the place to go. I had the Chops Burger and it was amazing! Wash it down with a locally brewed IPA.
  5. Bat Trang Ceramic Village – Just outside of Hanoi. Make your own pottery.
  6. Hanoi Book Street – There are many mini-bookshops with lots of books in English.
  7. Xofa Cafe – A comfortable cafe that’s open 24 hours. What do you do if your overnight train arrives at 5:30 AM? Go to Xofa.
  8. Giang Coffee – This is the famous place in Hanoi to get Egg Coffee. It’s delicious.
  9. Midori Spa – A social enterprise providing training and employment opportunities to young blind Vietnamese people. It was the best massage I’ve had in a while and your money goes towards a good cause.
  10. Salt n’ Lime – Quick and fresh Mexican food.
  11. Maison Marou Hanoi – Go here to see how chocolate is made. Their chocolate is made from ingredients found in Vietnam.