Happy Birthday Hello English Club!

Hello! English Club First Birthday Party – March 10, 2017

A message from the founders of Hello! English Club

Sean and Thuy started Hello! English Club (HEC) because we wanted a place where students could practice speaking English. We wanted a place that was welcoming, friendly and fun. We wanted to make people feel comfortable when speaking English. We wanted to create an environment where members are happy to help each other. We hope that we have achieved those goals. We hope that by coming to HEC you feel more confident when speaking English. Thank you for coming to our meetings and for helping to make HEC a totally awesome English club.

Fun facts about Hello! English Club

  • Since March of 2016 we’ve had 50 meetings
  • Some of our first discussion topics were poaching, plastic surgery and Facebook
  • We have 745 members in our Facebook group
  • 1,747 people have watched us on NTV news
  • In the last 3 months, 195 people have visited our website (98% from Vietnam)
  • Dung was at our first meeting and has been to nearly every meeting since we started
  • I’ve asked Thuy to speak many times during the opening announcements and she hasn’t said yes (yet)

Questions for HEC members

  • What have been the best moments for you since joining HEC?
  • How has HEC helped you improve your English?
  • What do you like about HEC?
  • What do you not like about HEC?
  • What do you want to improve about HEC?
  • What advice would you give a new member of HEC?
  • What conversation topic do you want to talk about at the next meeting?
  • What game do you want to play at the next meeting?

More information about HEC