Helpful English Links for Students – Week Ending April 15

Here’s an easy to remember English grammar rule. It’s about when to use “an” and “a”. To use this rule you need to know what the vowels are in English. They are A, E, I, O, and U. Here’s the grammar rule:

  • If the word starts with a vowel, use “an”. For example, “I have an orange bike”. The letter O is a vowel, so you use “an”.
  • If the word does not start with a vowel, use “a”. For example, “My father is a teacher”. The letter T is not a vowel, so you use “a”.

Here are the links for this week:

  1. A video about some common pronunciation mistakes (with corrections) that Vietnamese students make when saying words like “history” or “kilometer”.
  2. Visual Dictionary – This is a great site for expanding your vocabulary and getting to know what many everyday things are called.
  3. 200 Good Words to Use Instead of “Good” & 14 Worn-Out Words & What You Can Use Instead – Both of these will help you learn new words. Often I will hear my students use the word “interesting” too much. Follow these links to learn words to use instead.
  4. Five Paragraph Essay Guide – Do you struggle with essay writing? This guide can help – no matter what topic you’re writing about.
  5. How to Remember a Language Longer
  6. Learn about the 23-year-old Japanese baseball star who’s making waves on the other side of the Pacific. Today’s Plain English talks about Shohei Ohtani.