Helpful English Links for Students – Week Ending January 21

  1. If you are thinking about studying abroad, you should sign up for one of these. A couple of the free online English courses available:
    * Learning English for Academic Purposes
    * A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study
  2. Do you get a little nervous about having a conversation In English? Read these 8 tips to help YOU have an engaging conversation in English with confidence
  3. IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Mô tả 1 thứ quan trọng với bạn
    Describe one thing which is very important to you
  4. Learning English Effectively: How to Manage Your Time
  5. (YouTube Playlist) In under 3 minutes, we help you stay ahead of the pack by giving you ‘must have’ phrases that you can use in your everyday conversation.
  6. What’s the difference between ‘look’, ‘see’ and ‘watch’? Do they all share the same meaning?
  7. Do you feel guilty for gaming when you should be studying? Now you can do both! Lingotopia – A language learning game
  8. 40 Minutes of Intermediate British English Listening Comprehension
  9. Business English listening practice