Helpful English Links for Students – Week Ending October 29

21 Slang Words You’ve Got to Know | FluentU English

Helpful tip: Learn to think in English – When you look at something try to think of the English word for it. Try to make simple sentences in your head and have simple conversations with yourself (in your head). This video (with subtitles in Vietnamese) has more ways to think in English.

Featured video:

  1. Understanding The Cashier At The Supermarket
  2. A Vietnamese teacher explains the basics of English grammar (in Vietnamese)
  3. Rachel’s English – Learn English like a Baby – How to Sound Native
  4. iSub English app (Android | iPhone)
  5. 6 Easy Tips for Ordering Food in English Like a Local
  6. 5 Ways to Fight Off Forgetting When Learning Languages
  7. 21 Slang Words You’ve Got to Know
  8. How to Learn English by Speaking at Home: 10 Fun and Easy Ideas