Language Legends

What is Language Legends?

It’s like Zoom with games. 😁 Make friends with people from all over the world, speak in English and have fun while playing online games together.

Why should I come to a Language Legends meeting?

You will have fun and your skills will improve:

  • Speaking and listening in English
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Soft-skills such as self-confidence, problem solving and teamwork

How can I join a meeting?

Go to the Facebook group. Look for the Facebook event. You will see instructions in the event.

Where is the Facebook group?

Here’s a link to it.

How do the meetings work?

  • A day or two before the meeting everyone gets ready to play the game
  • When the meeting starts, you join the video call
  • Everyone keeps the video call open for the entire meeting
  • We play the game together and talk in English while playing the game

What games do you play?

We play all kinds of games. Some of the games we’ve played in the past are Duo, Gartic Draw and Powerline. Some of the genres are party games, browser-based games and casual games. We also play online card games and board games. Someday we might even play an MMO together! Anyone want to make a guild? ⚔️

How old do I have to be?

You must be 16 or older to join a meeting. High school and university students are ideal. But young adults (and older) can join as well.

Do I have to be a gamer?

No, you don’t. Beginners and pro gamers are welcome. Anyone can join! 🎮

How can I learn more about gaming?

  • Sandra O’Connor and Dr. Fae Frederick discuss how gaming can be healthy and positive.
  • Sandra O’Connor talks about esports, technology and health with pro gamer Enzo Gianoli.