Mobee Puts a Flag on Old City Hall (Almost)


A fancy steak restaurant, law offices, the National Trust for Scotland Foundation and…Mobee. All are tenants of Boston’s Old City Hall. Mobee isn’t the typical company you’d find in Mayor Curley’s old stomping grounds. They’re a startup on a mission to give businesses that critical last mile data.

Last night they threw their official office warming party. It was complete with Mobee themed cocktails, a mascot in a bee costume and a DJ pumping out house music. I had fun exploring their not-so-typical office space. I found a lounge with a massive wrap around couch, port hole windows (with a view of the Granary Burial Grounds) and an iron spiral staircase that led to the roof. One party-goer climbed the staircase only to find out that even Mobee doesn’t have a key. He was this close to putting a Mobee flag on the roof of Old City Hall.

There were special missions to complete at the party using the Mobee app. I chose “The DJ” mission. It involved a picture of the DJ, a picture of people dancing and a few simple questions. Upon completion I was 100 points closer. Closer to the sweet rewards you get for completing missions. To get the points you go to stores like Dunkin’ Donuts and Au Bon Pain (that you’re probably already going to) and complete a missions after making a purchase. Mobee reviews your mission and then rewards you with points. Starbucks, the iTunes Store and Fandango are some of the places to redeem your points. Maybe they’ll add the Chipotle in Kendall Square? That’s my go-to place for lunch these days.

Your mission, should you choose to accept: download Mobee, put on your mystery shopper disguise and rack up some points. Use my referral code “WFXL”.

Here are a few articles in the press about Mobee: “Mobee app sends consumers on data-gathering ‘missions’ to restaurants and stores, in exchange for rewards”

TechCrunch: “Backed By $1.1 Million In Funding, Mobee Launches A Mobile Mystery Shopping App Which Rewards Customers For Reviewing Businesses”

BostInno: “General Catalyst Fosters Boston’s ‘Greatest Asset,’ Creating a Student Entrepreneur in Residence Program”

Did you download Mobee? Let me know in the comments.