My First Kano Workshop in Vietnam

When you organize a hackathon you meet a lot of interesting people. People who are working on all kinds of fantastic projects. One such person is Yonatan Raz-Fridman. He’s the co-founder of Kano. They created the Kano Kit which is a computer anyone can make (Kano FAQ).

Here’s how to make a computer with the Kano Kit.

I told Yonatan I wanted to create learn-by-doing workshops in Vietnam. He was excited to help me and he donated 10 Kano Kits. They came from Kano Academy which is “working to get low-cost, homebrew tech into the hands of smart young people woldwide”. Some of their accomplishments include supporting a scholarship for a 16-year-old inventor in Sierra Leon and sponsoring the Learning Inventions team in Thailand on a robotics workshop.

I led my first Kano workshop at the AngelHack hackathon in Saigon. Ten people unboxed, assembled, and turned on 10 Kano Kits in 15 minutes. One person who attended said:

If I had this when I was in school, I would have worked in IT instead of what I’m doing now.

Someone else said:

If I had one of these at home, I’d use it every day.

Here’s a video about my Kano workshop at the AngelHack hackathon.

People think technology is confusing and hard to learn. It’s not. It just takes a simple and fun project to get started. I want to do more workshops in Vietnam. I live in Vinh. It’s a small city in Central Vietnam. There are two roadblocks which prevent me from doing the next workshop. I want to find someone who can loan me 10 HDMI-capable monitors. I also need somewhere to do the workshop (computer lab, school, store). Learning with projects is great for understanding how computers work. My workshops will let you explore technology in a fun and friendly way.

Here’s the Kickstarter video that started the Kano.

You can help translate the Kano books into Vietnamese here.