New page for students: Get better at English and explore this amazing world

Do you know that King Cobras eat other snakes and that spiders build a new web every day? We live in an amazing world. I want to help students discover it and get better at English.

I have finished a huge update to my website. I completely changed the pages for students. I made the students pages to help students get better at English AND to discover the world around them. On each page I share some advice about learning the English language. I also have links to things I think students will find interesting.

Here are just some of the things you’ll find. Please go to each page to see everything.

Beginner (for students 6 – 10) – Parents and students will love the Khan Academy Kids app. Children can sing along to “Do you like broccoli ice cream?” at Super Simple Songs. LyricsTraining significantly improves listening skills using songs, TV shows and movies.

Intermediate (for students 11-13) – Students can use the DK findout! website to learn about dinosaurs, animals and space. The Kid Should See This is a collection of amazing videos about our amazing world. The Language Guide lets students explore English vocabulary. Use ELLLO to improve your listening skills.

Advanced (for students 14+) – Nas Daily creates incredible videos about the world. Learn how to code in an hour with the Hour of Code. Test your English skills against other students all over the world with the Quiz Your English app. Use YouGlish to improve your pronunciation skills.