Pictures and stories from my trip to Tokyo (Part 2 of 2)

These are the pictures and stories from my trip to Tokyo. This is part 2. Part 1 is here. See this post if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo.


Tsukiji Fish Market

This is where the world famous tuna auction is held. I didn’t go to it because you have to get there at 3:30 AM so you won’t get turned away. They only let so many people in to watch it. I did get a chance to eat some REALLY fresh seafood. There were all these little stalls where you could eat all sorts of things. I stopped at one where a guy was selling massive sea scallops. I asked for one. He took out this mini-torch and cooked it right there in front of me. He added a little sauce and served it up. It was delicious!



The Food of Tokyo

In America you really shouldn’t eat at a connivence store. It’s a different story in Japan though. All food is made with care, is very fresh, and healthy. You can trust the food from connivence stores in Japan. In the basement of a shopping mall are these little food markets. I tried all sorts of things there. I didn’t know what I was ordering but I did know that it tasted really good. I tried okonomiyaki, saitau (a giant bowl of raw seafood you eat for lunch), and some Japanese candy.



Ueno Zoo

This is Japan’s oldest zoo. It opened in 1882. There’s a pagoda there that was built in the 17th century to entertain the shoguns. It was peaceful to walk through this zoo. I saw strange animals and birds that I’ve never seen before. The most popular animal there is the giant panda.



I’ll never forget my trip to Tokyo. Wandering through the streets at night under the glow of the neon signs. The kindness of strangers. The quirky maid cafe. The anime museum. The robots at the Emerging Technology Museum. The people, the food, the sites and sounds. All of this and more is what made it memorable.



Thank you Japan