Talk to yourself in the shower and other ways to get better at speaking in English

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A question I get asked a lot is, “How do I get better at speaking in English?”. In this post, I will talk about creating a self study schedule, finding an online language partner, English clubs and more.

It’s really important to say English words, sentences and have conversations in English often. You can do this alone in your bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom. 🙂 Use the mirror to become more comfortable speaking. Try it at home or at work. You can speak to family, friends, classmates or coworkers. They don’t have to speak English. What’s important is that you are speaking in English. Pronounce words slowly to get the pronunciation right. Once you have the correct pronunciation, say the words at normal speed.

You have to dedicate time to practice speaking English. You should create a self study schedule. This is a schedule that you follow for learning at home. For example, you can practice speaking for one hour every week. Every Sunday afternoon perhaps. Start with an hour a week and then add more time to your schedule.

You can practice speaking alone or with a language partner. A language partner is someone you practice speaking English with. Ideally, this person is a native English speaker. If might be difficult to find a native English speaker to speak with in-person where you live. You can find someone online. You can chat with your partner via instant message, voice chat and video chat. There are free websites (see below for a list) where you can find a language partner. You create a profile (similar to Facebook). Then you send a message to someone to talk to them.

Your first message could be one of these:

  1. “Hi. How are you?”
  2. “Can I practice English with you?”
  3. “How’s your day going?”

Where to find a language partner:

When you find a language partner, set up a time to meet with them regularly. For example, once every week. Consistency (doing it often) is very important to get better at speaking in English.

Going to an English club is a great way to get better at speaking. You shouldn’t just go to an English club every 6 months. You should go at least twice a month. Ideally once a week. The more the better. You’ll get better at speaking and you’ll improve your self-confidence. Many of my students know the right word or grammar to use in English. But they’re too shy to speak to someone in English. To become more self-confident (and less shy), you have to do things that make you feel a little uncomfortable or nervous. The more you do those things, the more comfortable you’ll be doing them. If you live in Vinh City or Ha Tinh, you can try one of these English clubs. I started an English club. It’s called Hello! English Club. We meet every Tuesday morning at Sonata Cafe in Vinh City, Vietnam. Go to the website for more information, pictures and videos of the meetings.

Here are some more tips to get better at speaking in English:

  • Schedule time to meet with your classmates and have a discussion in English (topic ideas: what you’re learning, current events, hobbies, sports, movies, etc).
  • Speak new words slowly at first. Learn how to divide words up into syllables.
  • Talk to your friends in English instead of your native language.
  • Watch a video on FluentU with English subtitles, click on the word to hear the correct pronunciation, practice speaking that new word many times.
  • Practice pronouncing new words in front of a mirror.
  • Listening to English songs (and singing along) and podcasts is a good way to get used to how people speak in English.
  • Have “shower conversations”. Watch this video for how to do this:

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