The Cloth Map Returns in Shroud of the Avatar

I just found out that Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) is bringing back Ultima. As a kid I would spend my nights in front of my glowing PC monitor exploring the rich world of Britannia. Characters such as Iolo, Shamino and Sherry the Mouse fueled my imagination and made the game come alive. Richard and his team made each Ultima with a very high level of depth and interactivity. They really did live up to their slogan of “We create worlds”.


From what I’ve read and heard so far about Richard’s new game, Shroud of the Avatar, he’s trying to bring back that feeling. The team over at Rooster Teeth held a live stream chat with Richard today. One of the hosts even mentioned my tweet! I was commenting on the fact that I was really enjoying the show and tell trinkets from the early days of Ultima that Richard brought with him.

Watch the clip of where I get a shout out at 51:22 –

He did hold up the new Shroud of the Avatar cloth map too. Sorry! I forgot to get a screen grab because I was so engrossed in the live stream.

Shroud of the Avatar Cloth Map

The above image is from the Kickstarter campaign for Shroud of the Avatar which just went live today. The goal is to raise $1,000,000. As of this writing $143,563 has already been raised. There’s a forum over at too. I’m really looking forward to playing the world that Richard and his team creates.

Did you play any of the classic single player Ultima games? Share your memories in the comments below.