Watch TV shows & movies to get better at English

Learning English with a teacher in a classroom is good. But…how else can you learn English? What about watching a TV show in English? Or a movie in English? I made a list of free websites where you can do this.

Watching TV shows and movies with subtitles will help you understand. You can watch the same movie/TV show three times. You will understand (and learn) more if you watch it more than once.

  • Beginner – Watch the TV show/movie with Vietnamese subtitles
  • Intermediate – Watch the same TV show/movie with English subtitles
  • Advanced – Watch the same TV show/movie with NO subtitles!
This is a list of free websites where you can watch TV shows, movies and videos.

StudyMovie – This website is in Vietnamese so I don’t know much about it. It has both Vietnamese and English subtitles.

Speechyard – Watch TV shows with interactive subtitles. You can also take video trainings and chat with other members of Speechyard.

News in Levels – Each news story has three levels. The higher the level, the more advanced the story is.

VoiceTube – There is a library of TV shows and movies to watch. You can sort their videos by basic, intermediate and advanced. They also have a daily pronunciation challenge.

Multimedia – English – In addition to videos (with transcripts in English), they’ve got fill-in-the-blank activities and other activities which you can use to learn on your own.

Watch Series – This website has a collection of streaming movies and TV shows (with English subtitles).

Kapkeyk – This is a website which is similar to Watch Series. It has a lot of streaming movies and TV shows.

YouTube – The world’s biggest collection of videos.

Learn English with Movies and Film: The Popcorn-ready Guide from “Finding Nemo” to “Terminator” – An excellent post from FluentU with lots of great tips.

Here are a couple of websites where you have to pay to use them.

Netflix – There are low cost plans and you can share your Netflix account (with up to 4 people). It can be as low as 65,000 VND per month. Use the Mate browser extension to learn new words via subtitles.

StudyPhim – You can watch the first few minutes for free. Then you have to pay. It has both English and Vietnamese subtitles.