Top 10 Links for Students –

  1. Duolingo
  2. ELSA Speak
  3. A Teacher’s Advice for Students Learning English
  4. Four ways to get better at languages
  5. 5 techniques to speak any language (with Vietnamese subtitles: Sid Efromovich 5 kỹ năng để học ngoại ngữ)
  6. Rachel’s English
  7. mmmEnglish
  8. Language Guide
  9. Youglish
  10. EngVid

Bonus Link: English Clubs in Vinh

Extra Bonus: HiNative – You can get quick answers to questions about English from native speakers.

A Teacher’s Advice for Learning English –

Join an English clubHello! English Club meets every Tuesday morning in Vinh City at Sonata Cafe. Here’s a list of other English clubs in Vinh City.

Practice makes perfect – Practice often inside and outside of the classroom. Speak English every day. Listen, read and write in English as much as you can. Create a learning schedule to practice. For example, every Wednesday night you’ll listen to a podcast in English.

Learn to think in English – When you look at something try to think of the English word for it. Try to make simple sentences in your head and have simple conversations with yourself (in your head). This video (with subtitles in Vietnamese) has more ways to think in English.

Let technology help you – Use Duolingo (a fun English learning game) and ELSA (helps you speak English better).

Listen in English – For at least 20 minutes every day (audio book, podcast, songs, radio, etc). More ways to practice listening here.

It’s ok to make mistakes – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and ask a lot of questions.

Speak with foreigners – If you see a traveler in your city, ask politely to speak with them. You can also meet people online or at English clubs to practice speaking English with.

Read! – English books, articles online, etc. Harry Potter is a good book to start with. More reading suggestions here.

Start an English journal – Carry a small notebook with you all the time and write new words in it (with the translations in your native language). To remember the new words, cover the English word with your hand. Then, look at the word in your native language and see if you can remember the word in English. Use a pen and paper in combination with your smartphone (not only your smartphone). When you learn a new word, you should also learn how to make a sentence with it.

Find a learning partner to practice with – At an English club in your city or online.

Write in English – Write short paragraphs. Ask a native English speaker to correct it for you. Either online or in-person.

Don’t forget to have fun! – Play English games (apps or with your computer). Keep reading for some games to play online.

English Communities –

Meet and talk with people online.

Games –

Articles –

Apps –

Videos –

Online English Tutors –

Video chat with a native English speaker.

More Links for Students –