Do you want to improve your English skills? If you do, it’s important to practice. You will get better if you practice when you’re not in class and if you practice often.

If you live in Vinh City, you should join an English club. There’s a list of them here. I started one. It’s called Hello! English Club. We meet every Thursday morning at Sonata Cafe.

My advice to you: practice, practice, practice. Listen to English for at least 20 minutes every day (audio book, podcast, etc). Speak with any foreigner you see. Read books or articles online in English (Harry Potter is a good start). Carry a small notebook with you all the time and write new words in it (with the translation in your native language). Use pen and paper in combination with your smartphone (not only your smartphone). When you learn a new word, also learn how to use it in a sentence. To practice the new words, cover the English word with your hand. Then, look at the word in your native language and see if you can remember the word in English. Find a learning partner or English club to practice with (either online or in your city). Write small paragraphs and ask a native English speaker to correct it for you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and ask a lot of questions. Practice, practice, practice.

How do you practice? Leave a comment to help other students.

Helpful Websites




Video Channels

Online English Tutors (video chat with a native English speaker)

English Communities (meet and talk with people in English)

How to Practice Speaking

  • Schedule time to meet with your classmates and have a discussion in English (topic ideas: what you’re learning, current events, hobbies, etc)
  • Talk to your friends in English instead of your native language
  • Watch a video on FluentU with English subtitles, click on the word to hear the correct pronunciation, practice speaking that new word many times
  • Practice pronouncing new words in front of a mirror
  • Have “shower conversations” (see this video for how to do this)
  • Speak new words slowly at first. Learn how to divide words up into syllables.

How to Practice Listening

How to Practice Reading

How to Practice Writing

  • Make sentences using the new words you’ve learned in class
  • Practice sentence structure with the sentences in your class book
  • Hemingway and Grammarly can help you become a better writer


Last updated: February 28, 2017

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30 thoughts on “Students

  • dos eniz

    Hi Sean :3 i read all of your suggestions for learning english. They’re very helpful :”> btw, i want to share how i practice english: i listen to english songs everyday, they have lots of things to explore about english like new phrases, new words, new expressions,… and i always make sentences with new interesting words fight after i see them, even when i’m walking on the street. I like to make funny sentences, then i can rremember the new words in such a long time :)) I love blogging, i often write entries to share my feelings, thoughts or small stories happening everyday around me :3 if you have a tumblr, follow me: fictionslayer. And last but not least, about speaking: i like to communicate and make friends with foreigners. And singing english songs is a good way that i always use to improve my pronunciation too :”> glad to share these things with you, hope you’ll find these ways interesting Sean 😡

  • Gabi

    Great stuff. You’re doing a lot of research. Good on you. Guess your students are learning heaps and so are you as you’re constantly improving your skills.

    • Sean

      Thanks, Gabi. 🙂

      It’s important for students to know that their learning shouldn’t stop when they leave the classroom. Practice makes perfect! 😀

  • phoenix ng

    Hi Sean Laurence.
    I am from PWE Club.
    I have just log on your website, and there are lots of information for me and others to learn play and laugh together.
    I used to enjoy TED however i forgot it recently 🙂
    Haha. I will begin again with it (( Thanks to Your Post))
    Keep up the good work, Sean! ♣♣♣
    Thank you so much and Best wishes for You.

  • Sue

    Hi, Sean! You have suggested a lot of ways of learning English well. They are really helpful for young learners. I often ask my Ss to learn 10 new words a day and make a sentence with each new word by themselves. All Ss have highlight pens to mark new words and their pronunciation.

  • Nina

    Dear Mr Sean,
    I found a lot of useful English resources for both teachers and students in your website. I would highly recommend my friends and students to explore it if you agree 🙂
    Thank you very much, Mr Kind ^^

  • Phạm Lê Thùy Linh

    Thank you for creating this website. It is extremely valuable and helpful not only for my teaching process but also my studying everyday. It’s easier for me to find a source relating to pronunciation or grammar because I don’t need to consider many similar videos on the internet like before. It wastes of time lol. You’ve already helped us to know exactly which website is good for both students and teachers.
    I really appreciate this website and I’ll introduce it to my collegues, my friends, my students if you’re in agreement.
    Thank you once more time.

  • Vicky

    That is very nice of you to spend your time and effort for it. In my opinion, Harry Porter is a bit hard to understand due to the way it is written. I did try and gave up. Then move to modern books, novel, and found it is much eaier to understand.

    For listening, you can try BBC special English, but unfortunately, the bastard stops us from access to the webpage. So you can do this one instead

  • mr wrong

    hi Sean! im Mr Wrong:) i ve read all of your sugestion to learning english. im very exciting to share something. you know i always speak english when i can. talk with my wife, my kids, or to any foreigner i see:). i listening to english song everynight before going to bed….. but i know i speak better then wirting::)
    that all hehe. good night!

  • Hassan

    Yeah it is very goog idea ;I absolutely agree with you that practical side is most important in the process of learning so I am so proud joint to you

    • Sean

      I corrected your English:

      “Yeah, it is a very good idea. I absolutely agree with you. The practical side of learning is important. I’m in the process of learning English. I’m so proud to join you.”