A Guide to Vinh

Photo by Đinh Viết Tuấn Anh

Vinh is in North Central Vietnam. It’s the capital city of the Nghe An province. Vinh offers a look at the authentic Vietnamese way of life. You can make some great memories in Vinh by meeting the people who live here, trying the food and experiencing the culture. My top three suggestions are about food. You should try coconut jelly, eat seafood at Cua Lo Beach and have crispy duck.

  • Coconut jelly – No. 5 Ho Tung Mau (near Ho Chi Minh Square)
  • Cua Lo Beach – 20 KMs from Vinh
  • Crispy duck – Vịt 117 – 117 Nguyễn Thiếp, Trường Thi District

There’s a Facebook group for Vinh and Nghe An. It’s called Expats and locals Vinh, Nghệ An.

Vinh Guru

They offer great tours in this part of Vietnam. They can also help you if you have any questions about Vinh, Nghe An or Vietnam. Call them at (+84) 97 1900 990. A friendly tour guide (who speaks English and Vietnamese) will answer. You can also reach them through their website or visit their Facebook page.

Exploring Vinh

A group of Vietnamese university students and two volunteer teachers from Finland worked together to create a travel book about Vinh. In it you can discover 10 interesting places in Vinh. You can download an electronic version of it here.

Vinh Life

This website was created to point people who come to Vinh in the right direction. If you’re looking for a bar or a tea house you’ll find one here. Each location has a Google Map associated with it which makes it easy to find. www.vinhlife.com

Things to see and do

  • Vinh Museum – Xo Viet Nghe Tinh – số 10, đường Đào Tấn, Cửa Nam
  • Sunrise fish market at Cua Lo Beach – If you get to the beach early enough you can buy fresh seafood right off the boat.
  • Vinh Market / Cho Vinh – A big indoor/outdoor market. It’s fun to walk around and see what they’re selling.
  • A small night market – They sell food only. It’s near the ancient city gate.
  • Central Park & Ho Chi Minh Square – See the statue of Ho Chi Minh.
  • Quyet Mountain – A short hike to the top on a paved path gives you a beautiful view.
Quang Trung Temple sits at the top of Quyet Mountain – Photo by Aidan Alburo
  • Can Linh Pagoda – A small Buddhist temple surrounded by a lotus flower pond. It’s next to the Cua Nam Bridge.
  • Goong Lake – There’s a nice footpath around it.
  • Muong Thanh Song Lam Hotel – 13 Quang Trung – Get a panoramic view of Vinh from the 33rd floor. They have live music on Friday nights. You can swim in the pool on the 4th floor. You don’t need to be a hotel guest. It’s 80,000 VND for the day.
  • Lam Con Karaoke – Number 2, Alley 5, Nguyen Canh Chan Street (near Vinh Market) – Sing your heart out in a private room.

Things to eat and drink

  • Oc Nho Sai Gon – 54 Đinh Công Tráng – They have amazing fresh seafood. Try the blood clams and the seafood fried rice.
  • Do Nuong – 118B Nguyen Van Cu – A Vietnamese BBQ place. It’s next to Happy Bakery.
  • Bun Dau – 182 Phan Chu Trinh – A delicious bowl of noodles with vegetables and meat.
  • Bun Cha – 69 Dinh Cong Trang – Bun Cha is the famous dish that Obama had when he visited Vietnam.
  • Vịt 117 – 117 Nguyễn Thiếp, Trường Thi District – The crispy duck is delicious.
  • Thanh Chuong Chicken – They’re famous for the “no escape” chicken (gà không lối thoát). It’s a chicken which is cooked inside a ball of crispy rice. You can dip the rice in a peanut sauce.
  • Gà Sạch 113 – 113 Doc Thiet – Order the crunchy chicken. It’s really tasty.
  • Cháo Canh – 169 Dang Thai Than – A noodle bowl with pork, beef and eggs.
  • Saigon Kim Lien Hotel Restaurant – 25 Quang Trung – Try the Bo Ne for breakfast. It’s sizzling beef with onions, egg and tomato. It’s served with freshly baked bread.
A panorama of Vinh – Photo by Đinh Viết Tuấn Anh
  • Eel soup – 190 Nguyễn Trường Tộ – Eel soup is very popular in Vinh. It’s considered a local delicacy.
  • Bot coffee – It’s inside Vinh Market (link with pictures but in Vietnamese). It’s hard to find but worth it. If you go to the market and show them a picture of the coffee, someone will show you how to get there.
  • Coconut jelly – No. 5 Ho Tung Mau (near Ho Chi Minh Square)
  • Soft serve ice cream – TH True Mart on Quang Trung (next to Bac A Bank).
  • Fresh fruit smoothies (on the 2nd floor) and great fresh fruit (try the Sugar Apple Smoothie) – 88 Ding Cong Trang
  • Fruit-flavored frozen yogurt – 114 B Lê Hồng Phong – It’s diagonally across from Happy Bakery.
  • Moon – 155 Nguyen Van Cu – They’ve got delicious finger food.
  • Shogun Japanese Street BBQ – Trung tâm thương mại City Hub – Số 1, Đường Lê Hồng Phong – It’s inside City Hub.
  • Gin’s Pizza – 94 Phong Định Cảng – Try the BBQ ribs or the fried chicken sandwich. It’s across the street from Le Viet Thuat High School.
  • The American Steak – 138 Ngư Hải – They have great cheeseburgers and steaks.
  • Fuji (Japanese) – TT01 – Vinaconex 9B – Dai lo Lenin
  • Hanabi (Japanese and Vietnamese) – 180 Nguyen Van Cu
  • Jam Thai (Thai) – 63 Nguyễn Thái Học
  • Han Quoc Quan (Korean) – 49 Nguyen Tien Tai
  • Gogi House (Korean) – 45 Quang Trung or 15 Ho Tung Mau
  • The Pizza Company – So 17 Quang Trung

Vegetarian restaurants

  • Bo De – A yummy vegetarian place. Directions: It’s near Ho Chi Minh Square. There is a small road next to a Korean restaurant. Go down that road and it will be on your left.
  • Nhà hàng chay Thiên Phúc – Số 57, Đường, Nguyễn Viết Xuân, Tân Nam
  • Nha Hang Anh Quoc – It’s near Vinh Stadium.
  • Duyen Lanh Restaurant – 216 Tran Phu Street
A Bird’s Eye View of View – Photo by Nguyen Thanh

Coffee shops & cafes

Cua Lo Beach – Photo by Nguyen Thanh


Sunset in Vinh – Photo by Nguyen Thanh

English clubs

  • Hello! English Club – Meetings are every Tuesday morning at Sonata Cafe.
  • Play With English Club – Meetings are every Wednesday night at Vinh University (Room A3 105).
  • Vinh English Club – Meetings are every Sunday at 7 PM at Vinh Coffee Hub, 27B Hermann Gmeiner Street.
  • A list of English clubs can be found here.

Gyms & Spas

  • VFC (Vinh Fighting Club) – Inside Ecocity (Số 3 Nguyễn Trãi). Offers MMA classes.
  • Elite Fitness – Inside CityHub (Số 1, đường Lê Hồng Phong).
  • Fitness Plus – Inside VRC (Số 01 Phan Bội Châu).
  • Nam Viet Spa & Gym – Số 39, Lê Hồng Phong, phường Hưng Bình (behind Cleverlearn).
  • T&T Foot & Body Massage – 25 Đàm Văn Lễ.
  • Benh Vien Thai Thuong Hoang Massage & Spa – 4th floor, next to Avatar Coffee on Nguyen Sy Sach (for women only).

Near Vinh

  • Dai Tue Pagoda – A Buddhist pagoda on a mountaintop. It’s 30 minutes by car (1 hour by motorbike) from Vinh or you can hike there (about 2 hours from Nam Dan). The hike is on a dirt road with nice views along the way.
  • Birthplace of Ho Chi Minh – Kim Liên, Nam Dan District – 15 KMs from Vinh.
  • Cua Lo beach – 20 KMs from Vinh.
  • Bai Lu beach – 26 KMs from Vinh.
  • Kèm Waterfall – 130 KMs from Vinh in the Pu Mat National Park.
  • Đảo Chè Tea Islands – They’re about 50 KMs from Vinh in the Thanh Chuong District.
  • Vinpearl Water Park – 51 KMs from Vinh in Ha Tinh.
  • Mương Thanh Safari Land – A resort and zoo, 67 KMs from Vinh.
  • Sunflower FarmThis link will bring it up in Google Maps. It’s 92 KMs from Vinh in the Nghĩa Đàn District. It’s only open twice a year. Usually from around mid December to early January and early March (depending on the weather and the planting schedule).
  • Pu Mat National Park – 126 KMs from Vinh.
  • Thermal pool at Son Kim Hot Springs – 130 KMs from Vinh.
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park & Cave – 194 KMs from Vinh in the Quang Binh province
  • Van Long Nature Reserve – 218 KMs from Vinh in the Ninh Binh province.
  • Riverboat ride at Trang An – 203 KMs from Vinh in the Ninh Binh province.

Everything else

  • Vinh Recreation Center (VRC) – 1 Phan Bội Châu (across the street from the train station) – It’s 5 floors with Highlands Cafe, BreadTalk, King BBQ, a cinema and more.
  • CityHub – Số 1, đường Lê Hồng Phong – It’s 5 floors with Shogun Japanese Street BBQ, Hot Pot Paradise, Gong Cha Coffee, a cinema and more.
  • MegaMart (a big box store) – Đường Dũng Quyết, Phường Bến Thủy (it’s near the Lam River) – Take a left just before the bridge to Ha Tinh and it’s 500m up that road.
  • Au Viet Gourmet Market – They’ve got a lot of brands from America, Korea and Europe.