A Visitor’s Guide to Vinh City

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A sunrise fish market at Cua Lo Beach


Vinh is in North Central Vietnam. It’s the capital city of the Nghe An province. My top three suggestions of what to do in Vinh are all about food. You should have coconut jelly, eat seafood at Cua Lo Beach, and try the crispy duck at the duck place. You can find where all three of my suggestions are below.


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Vinh Living is an English website which helps you find places in Vinh. It’s got bars, cafes, restaurants and more. Check it out: www.vinhliving.com.

Please contact me or Vinh Guru if you have any questions about this part of Vietnam. Welcome to Vinh!



Videos about Vinh & Nghe An

A view of Vinh City from a drone (via Troy Nguyen)

 A Trip Around Vinh City (via Nghệ An Quê Choa)


Vinh By Night (via WePub)

Vinh, Cua Lo & Bai Lu


Things to see and do

  • Chùa Phật Linh – A small Buddhist temple
  • Quyet Mountain
  • Panoramic views from the 33rd floor of the Muong Thanh Song Lam hotel (also live music on Friday nights) – 13 Quang Trung
  • Swim in the pool on the 4th floor of the Muong Thanh Song Lam hotel (don’t need to be a hotel guest, 80,000 VND for the day)
  • A walk around Goong Lake
  • Central Park
  • Ho Chi Minh Square (and the park in the middle)
  • Cho Vinh (a big indoor/outdoor market)
  • Karaoke
  • Small night market (food only, near the ancient city gate)
  • 12-9 Cinema – Số 22, Đường Quang Trung
  • Benh Vien Thai Thuong Hoang Massage & Spa (a luxury spa for a bargain price, women only) – 4th floor, next to Avatar Coffee on Nguyen Sy Sach

Near Vinh

  • Dai Tue Pagoda (a Buddhist pagoda on a mountaintop, it’s about a 2 hour hike from Nam Dan)
  • Cua Lo beach (20 KMs from Vinh)
  • Bai Lu beach (26 KMs from Vinh)
  • Birthplace of Ho Chi Minh in Nam Dan (14 KMs from Vinh)
  • Mương Thanh Safari Land (a resort and zoo — 67 KMs from Vinh)
  • Thermal pool at Son Kim Hot Springs (130 KMs from Vinh)
  • Pu Mat National Park (126 KMs from Vinh)
  • Riverboat ride at Trang An (203 KMs from Vinh)
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park & Cave (194 KMs from Vinh)

English Clubs



  • Choa (coffee shop during the day / live music and beer at night)
  • Wepub – 62A Minh Khai
  • Espérer – 138 Nguyễn Văn Cừ
  • Vuvuzela – 45 Quang Trung
  • WeLove Pub & Coffee – 8 An Duong Vuong
  • O2 – 90 Le Hong Phong (open late)


  • The duck place – 117 Nguyễn Thiếp (Trường Thi District)
  • The chicken place – 113 Doc Thiet
  • Saigon Kim Lien Hotel Restaurant – 25 Quang Trung
  • Bun Dau – 182 Phan Chu Trinh (delicious bowl of noodles)
  • Fuji (Japanese) – TT01 – Vinaconex 9B – Dai lo LeNin
  • Hanabi (Japanese and Vietnamese) – 180 Nguyen Van Cu
  • Han Quoc Quan (Korean) – 49 Nguyen Tien Tai
  • Gogi House (Korean) – 45 Quang Trung or 15 Ho Tung Mau
  • Pizza at Quan an vat ha thinh – Number 24, Alley 2, Off Phan Cong Tich
  • Miaow Pizza & Bingsu – 57 Nguyen Van Cu
  • Miaow’s Cafe & Pizza – 38 Kim Dong
  • Cafe Bella (near Big C supermarket)
  • Yen Vinh Restaurant (in Muong Thanh Song Lam Hotel)
  • Bánh tráng cuộn thịt heo Đà Nẵng – Ngư Hải
  • Minh Hong
  • Com Tam Sai Gon
  • Miến Ngan – Lê Hồng Phong
  • ăn Bò Né Cửa Nam
  • Cua Hoi to go
  • Cổng Thành (near Vinh Stadium)

Food and drinks to try

  • Cháo Canh – 169 Dang Thai Than Street
  • Soft serve ice cream – TH True Mart on Quang Trung (next to Bac A Bank)
  • Sua Bi Ngo / Pumpkin Milk (like drinking pumpkin pie) – Phố Mì Cay Seoul at 63 Hồ Tùng Mậu
  • Fruit-flavored frozen yogurt – 114 B Le Huong Phong (diagonally across from Happy Bakery)
  • Bot Coffee – inside Cho Vinh Market (link with pictures but in Vietnamese)
  • Delicious finger food at Moon – 155 Nguyen Van Cu
  • Hotpot at Bà Xoan restaurant
  • Coconut jelly – No. 5 Ho Tung Mau (near Ho Chi Minh Square)
  • Pizza Cones – 59 Ho Tung Mau
  • Flavored tofu
  • Fried snails with pineapple
  • Eel soup – 190 Nguyễn trường tộ
  • Bun hai san (seafood and noodles) – 12 Nguyen Dinh Con
  • Banh tran tron (shredded rice paper, shredded meat, eggs, nuts, spices) at Quan An Vat Ha Thinh – Number 24, Alley 2, off Phan Cong Tich Street

Vegetarian places

  • Bo De – A delicious vegetarian place
    • Directions: It’s near Ho Chi Minh Square. There is a small road next to a Korean restaurant. Go down that road and it will be on your left.
  • Nha Hang Anh Quoc (near Vinh Stadium)


Last updated: April 20, 2017